Upscaling glycosciences : from the test tube to the eco-innovating industry

Glyco@Alps invites you to its conference about the upscaling of glyco-sciences in relation to environmental impact assessement during the life cycle of products and processes. The issue of scale changing from the lab to the industry is a hot topic for which answers still need to be found. Through the examples of glyco-based sectors (algae, pharmaceutics, materials, etc.), this question will be discussed by researchers and industrials.

The symposium will be held on November 9th at Grenoble in the School of Industrial Engineering, Grenoble INP. Online Registration is free and mandatory.

Carbohydrate and Fluorine Symposium

While carbohydrate and fluorine chemistries are two well-established communities, through French Fluorine Network (GIS Fluor) and Groupe Français des Glycosciences (GFG), and look like rather separated domains of organic chemistry, merging these two distinct fields has led to significant advances in both domains.

The aim of this two-day symposium is to gather international experts in the field to present and discuss recent progress related to the input of fluorine chemistry to the glycochemistry field at the fundamental level.

2nd GlycoCom 2018 and 1st Human Glycome Project Meeting

The Glycosciences have clearly made an impact beyond the isolated research laboratories and are now exhibiting applications in the development of new drugs, vaccines and diagnostic tools. After a successful inaugural GlycoCom conference in Banff, Canada in May 2015, we are now organizing a second meeting focused on highlighting new developments that have occurred during the interactions between academic and industrial researchers in this area.

GlycoBioTec 2019

The GlycoBioTec 2019 will be held at the Harnack House, the conference venue of the Max Planck Society, in Berlin, 28-30 January 2019.
At the GlycoBioTec 2019, current trends in modern biomedical/biopharmaceutical glycobiotechnology are presented. The symposium embodies an interactive forum for the discussion of cutting-edge research on the frontiers of glycobiotechnology, spanning fundamental theory to method & technology development relevant to biopharma, health, medicine and functional food.

7th EuCheMS Chemistry Congress

The EuCheMS Ancilliary meeting : Carbohydrates – tools for synthesis and analysis will take place during Euchem 2018 in Liverpool. This one-day symposium will review recent breakthroughs and challenges in carbohydrate chemistry, including recent industrial applications.