INSERM International workshop on GAGs

INSERM International workshop on GAGs, Bordeaux, 19-21th of June 2019

Dulce Papy-garcia (CRRET, Créteil) and Romain Vivès (ISB, Grenoble) are glad to invite you to attend the next INSERM international workshop on GAGs, which will be held in Bordeaux, France, on the 19-21th of June 2019. The goal of this workshop is to put an emphasis on the technological developments and breakthroughs that led to progress in the understanding of GAG (HS and CS) structure and biological functions, as well as the perspectives of applications in diagnostics and therapy. Registrations are still open !

For detailed information and registration please see next link :

atelier INSERM

International Workshop : "On the future of glycosciences ?"

Next June, the University Grenoble Alpes will host international workshops for all the trans-disciplinary projects. In the framework of this Global Challenges Science Week, we are pleased to invite you to the Glyco@Alps International Workshop about "On the future of glycoscience ?" from June 5 to 6.

The workshop now opens a call for communications and posters. The deadline for abstract submission is April 30 for communications and May 7 for posters.
The program is available and registration is open.


The European carbohydrate symposium EUROCARB XX, will take place from June 30th to July 4th 2019 in Leiden, the Netherlands. EUROCARB XX will bring together professionals from all over the globe working in the field of carbohydrate chemistry and bridge glycochemistry and glycobiology.

Les prochaines journées du Groupe Français des Glycosciences


The XV cell wall meeting will be held 7-12 July 2019 in Cambridge, UK.